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Basic and advanced Shiatsu training

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The Shinzui Shiatsu School offers a complete Shiatsu training programme to become a professional Shiatsu practitioner. Training is given by experienced Shiatsu teachers. We are a recognized institution and follow the standards of the Belgian and European Shiatsu Federations.

We aspire to offer a professional and high quality education in the field of Shiatsu.

Basic course

The training starts with the basic 4-day course, open to everyone. During this course, students learn the basic Shiatsu competencies and techniques to give a whole body treatment.

On our video page you will find the 8 video's that show the basic Shiatsu treatment.

We advise students to wear loose and comfortable clothing that they can easily move in. We further recommend to bring a big towel, socks and something to take notes. Futons are provided.

For course dates and registration information, please see here.

Advanced course

After completing the basic course, students can follow a professional education comprised of three parts (cycles) to become Shinzui Shiatsu practitioners. Students may complete the three cycles at their own pace. Generally, students complete one cycle per year, which gives them enough time to practise and complete treatment reports. Each cycle is followed by an exam, which permits students to access the following training course.

This training cycle is designed to meet the requirements of the Belgian Shiatsu Federation and the European Shiatsu Federation.


Students are expected to acquire the textbook in advance of the cycle and bring it with them to the course.


Cycle 1: Shiatsu Theory and Practice by Carola Beresford-Cooke, Carola Beresford-Cooke. This provides core material for the three cycles.

Cycle 2: Atlas of Shiatsu, Wilfried Rappenecker and Meike Kockrick

Cycle 3: The Foundations of Chinese Medicine by Giovanni Maciocia.

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